Our Services

Shower pan & wall systems

We specialize in seamless fabrication technology, which will ease the maintenance of your shower pan & wall systems. With a scrub-able, sand-able and polish-able product, your shower system will be completely refinish- able and forever new. The options are endless for wheelchair entry, low shower curbs and much more. We have a broad range of color choices and designs that will make your bathroom feel relaxing & rejuvenating.

Tub wall surrounds

The possibilities are endless when you are working with Insolid, a leader in design innovation, engineering and fabrication. Whether you need tub wall panels or tub deck and panels for a standard size tub or Jacuzzi; you have an unlimited selection of sizes and shapes. With exquisite combinations of inlays and accents, your bathroom will have that professional, finished look that you desire. Your new tub wall surrounds, will have minimal to no maintenance, that’s also free of stain and soap scum damage. Acrylic Solid surface is a non-porous (no sealants needed) product that has no grout lines, glaze, fiberglass or mineral deposits issues.

Kitchen & Vanity Countertops

Insolid has innovative designs to fit any space with the highest quality attentive service. We have the ability to provide you with a beautiful countertop, that will not stain, age or discolor and is backed by a 10 or 15 year warranty. You have different options to choose from including seamless sinks, seamless joints, seamless splashes and full height splashes compared to different products such as Granite. Granite is an inconsistent product that flaws on every positive factor about Acrylic Solid Surfaces. With a list of vibrant colors and combinations, the flexibility of Acrylic Solid Surfaces will complete your dream countertop.

Commercial Applications

To design & fabricate a unique working area that will make your business look more professional, we work with Architects, Contractors & Business Owners to design a perfect inviting business atmosphere. We have customized office work surfaces including Dental, Doctor, Nurses and Hospital work stations, Restaurants, Bank teller windows, Retail Stores and much more. All Insolid products are made to precise details & fitted perfectly in any space.